Alhaj Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri's latest naat album "Dekhte Reh Gaye & Sarkar Ka Madina" has been released in the blessed month of 7th Ramzan ul Mubarak 1435 Hijri (7 July 2014). This Album is released by Safa Islamic recorders. For this audio & video naat album (CD/VCD/DVD), please visit your nearest multimedia (CD/VCD ) shops and buy your own copy of the naat album. Following naat's are included in this album.

Album Title: Dekhte Reh Gaye & Sarkar Ka Madina

Naat Khawan: Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri

Album Released By: Safa Islamic Gold

Format: MP3

Date: 7th Ramzan ul Mubarak 1435 Hijri (7 July 2014)

Total Kalam In Album: 8

Status: Released


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بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم
السلامُ علیکم و رحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ

صحیح طریقہء نماز


English Translation:

O Allah! We beg help from You alone; ask forgiveness from You alone, and turn towards You and praise You for all the good things and are grateful to You and are not ungrateful to You and we part and break off with all those who are disobedient to you. O Allah! You alone do we worship and pray exclusively to You and bow before You alone and we hasten eagerly towards You and we fear Your severe punishment and hope for Your Mercy as your severe punishment is surely to be meted out to the unbelievers.

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